Whirlpool VEX

In an earlier post I had compared VEX to VOPs through an example of a whirlpool. Since then I have received some great replies and feedback and I have spent sometime improving upon the code and look of the VEX whirlpool.

I have changed the onoise formula to onoise((@P + freq) - offset, turb, roughness, atten) * amp; as well as added in a new animation ramp. This allowed me to make the animation much more smoother as if I am using an animation graph.

Whirlpool Spray:

To create the whirlpool source I needed to isolate the peaks of the whirlpool. I used the velocity to isolate them by taking the length of it and the fit ranging it. This allowed me to create a threshold value that I further fed into a ramp. In the velocity attribute I stored the previous noiseMap value and used it in the "normals" vector. I gave the user further controls to direct the simulation and fed the "normals" into the velocity attribute.

I used a fluid source as the whirlpool itself is just deforming points, it was not a good source by itself. The fluid source asset allowed me to create a velocity field and generate particles from a surface volume.

I also used the original base whirlpool as a collider for the pop simulation with an Extrude Volume SOP.

I am attaching a link to the file and whoever can take this further, feel free to message me with the results!


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