About Sharan Vaswani:

My childhood played an important role to construct and shape my future in this field. My restless imagination materialised when I was handed a Lego box as a child. It opened a world whereby I could build fantasy into reality.


Star wars was a film that had a huge impact in my life and fascinated me to enter the digital world. When I got my own computer , I could express myself through exploring 3D Softwares and re- live the movie experience.

I began expanding my knowledge with online tutorial on 3D Gaming, Motion Graphics, Animation and basics of film making. After learning as much I could  online, at the age of 15 I made my first VFX Clip, I knew then that this was my calling.

The various stages of my self-discovery finally culminated when I turned my passion to profession. The fascinating world of VFX intrigued me and so I pursued my MA in Digital Effects at NCCA,Bournemouth University in where I learnt software like Houdin and Nuke. This allowed me to acquire a thorough understanding of all the major facets of Visual Arts and having achieved a Master’s degree in the field, I was now ready to work in the industry.

Interning in Create advertising, an agency specialising in movie trailers, gave me a chance to explore graphic design and marketing. I had a chance to work on several projects for Fox Searchlight, Netflix and Sony Computer Entertainment. It also gave me a grounding on how a professional studio operates as I was involved in several process from concept to development.

I have been working at Prana studios and Rhythm & Hues from 2016 onward, this gave me the opportunity to explore a whole new world of FX as a professional, have worked on projects like hell boy (2019), Manikarnika: Queen of Jhansi (2018), Beautiful Hunan: Flight of Phoenix (2017) and several other projects, where each project has allowed me to gain a fresh perspective on FX.

Working through 3 years, I evolved from an FX Artist to a TD (Technical Director) where I had opportunity not only to work on creativity, but also create procedural systems and pipeline tools for the FX team so as to harmonise the process for people working in the team.

My future goals are to explore opportunities and work at organisations which are involved in cutting edge technologies where every project allows me to learn something new. The quest is to get an opportunity to update and re-invent in this ever evolving industry which is fantasy both at work and in the final product.



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