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About Me

About Sharan Vaswani:

    During my childhood, I always gravitated toward sketching, cartooning, and photography which led me to have a great interest in the multiple disciplines of graphic art, visual effects, and gaming. I developed a keen sense of design alongside programming which inspired me to explore the world of digital effects. To enhance my skills, I studied Visual effects in India and did a Master’s Degree at Bournemouth University, UK, where I specialised in Houdini. I have six years of experience in the industry, starting as a junior artist and progressing to an Fx Supervisor; this enabled me to explore various Fx techniques like Fluid Dynamics, Rigid Body simulations, and Particles Effects. Given my work ethic, in a short period, I was elevated to Fx Lead and had the opportunity to manage a team of artists.

   Currently, I am working as an Fx Supervisor at ReDefine Studios in Mumbai, part of DNeg. My diversified experiences gave me a platform to express art by incorporating technicality with creativity. I am always looking for challenging projects to continue growing, and my career chart in a short span of 6 years is a testimony of my progress.



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